Interesting facts about Stephen

  • Stephen has always been very sporty and played top level rugby during school. He embarked on a rugby tour around Japan where he led the team in the famous Maori Haka
  • Stephen has always been musical and now whilst living in London he plays the bongo drums with friends who gig.
  • Stephen did a conjoint degree in Commerce, with a double major in marketing and management and a degree in Arts with a major in Spanish and a minor is psychology.
  • Stephen was one of 11 waiters who looked after the 11 presidents when they had the APEC conference in NZ
  • Is a licensed scuba diver and once worked at an Underwater World where he educated children on all the animals of the sea and had opportunities to dive and feed the fish and stingrays at the aquarium.
  • Stephen is trained as a rock climbing and abseiling instructor
  • In 2004- 2005 Stephen lived in a small Italian village by the beach with a family. He became an expert at kite surfing and helped organize and host the Italian National Kite Surfing Championships.
  • Is a trained mixologist.
  • Stephen traveled to South America to learn salsa dancing and also continued his modeling for South American TV commercials. Stephen ended up dancing in a salsa group and took part in dance presentations and functions. He was invited to dance in the 2nd largest carnival in the world in Barranquilla, Colombia. When he returned to NZ he entered a big salsa competition and came third.