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Do you have the Tired Look? Steve Reveals all on KTLA this afternoon

Through MyFaceMyBody, we see a large number of consumers looking for information on non-surgical solutions to eliminate the dark circles under their eyes, which can often make people look tired and much older than their actual age. There are a number of treatment options for this condition such as skin peels, fractional laser, skin lightening creams and also dermal fillers.

I personally use an eye cream every night to keep moisturizer around the eye area as the skin is very thin and needs some careful attention.  I use Auspect moisturizer and eye cream products that are high in active ingredients and keeps my skin looking fresh and often I get people saying ‘what have you been doing rather than what have I had done’.

People are feeling/looking tired because of Recession/money worries/older people worried about losing job to younger people/working harder in general. Having eyelid surgery is a more invasive option that helps you look fresh and youthful to your clients at work.  Women working and juggling childcare/family. Also, popular procedure for city traders who work hard/play hard but still want to look fresh.

Lower eyelid surgery is very good for when men or women suffer from those unsightly bags under the eyes. There could be all sorts of reasons for this, it could be genetics, lack of sleep, poor diet, too much sun exposure and smoking.

Top Tips

If you have this condition and are considering eyelid surgery.

Research your surgeon. Look at their qualifications, associations they belong to and most importantly try and find a specialized surgeon that performs the treatment. So ask how many eyelid procedures they perform every year and look at some of their case studies of patients.



NEW Modern Face Of Beauty TV Series

Respected aesthetic industry platform ‘MyFaceMyBody’ will this July launch an exciting new TV program ‘The Modern Face of Beauty’. The series brings together leading experts within the aesthetics, plastic surgery, health and wellness industries to educate in a fun and entertaining style. Key segments of the series include, treatment advice, top tips, quirky tests and myth busting. As well as the latest in new treatments, industry advancements and product highlights. ‘How to’ fitness and beauty regimes, the secrets behind diets, best buys and common traps to avoid as well as consumer insights.

‘The Modern Face of Beauty’ is hosted by the dashing and debonair Stephen Handisides. Stephen is the founder and host of MyFaceMyBody and will be taking you along his journey of discovery in each episode. He regularly appears on television in the UK, USA and Australia, presented numerous television series within the health, beauty and lifestyle sectors, as well as appearing as a guest expert. Stephen also writes for over twenty major newspapers, trade and consumer magazines, with five regular columns focusing on the trends in lifestyle aesthetics and male grooming.

The ‘The Modern Face of Beauty’ series combines typically conservative topics with a modern twist, to give valuable information in an unusual way. The program will bring together leading experts in plastic surgery, dermatology, aesthetics, fitness and lifestyle in a ‘how to’ format which will leave viewers with great confidence and unbiased knowledge in an educational yet fun way. During the programming, Stephen, will entertain his way through his first ‘Botox’ experience, a hardcore training session with famous New York City personal trainer Prince ‘Trooper’ Braithwaite and interview some of the most respected plastic surgeons in the world.

‘With the plethora of information available on the internet, hundreds of new products and treatments to choose from, and thousands of plastic surgery, beauty and health clinics, the information overload has left people confused. ‘The Modern Face of Beauty’ aims to demystify and educate viewers on the real questions that they want to ask in an interesting, unbiased and informative way. The show will demonstrate the insights and truths into some of the facts and myths behind treatments, give demonstrations of popular non-surgical procedures and unconventional fitness routines, in a fun and lighthearted way,’ said host Stephen Handisides.

The shows demographics are 64% women and 36% men between the ages of 28 to 55. Consumers with a high discretionary income and a keen interest in advanced aesthetic treatments. Topics covered will include, what are the new and latest treatments and products that work? What treatments are safe and tested? What health regimes get the best results? Who are the right specialists to see and what questions to ask? What are their experiences? What are the recommended treatments and products in clinics and on the high street?

‘The Modern Face of Beauty’ series will be broadcast on 52 local and national television networks in the US reaching 44 million households. Featured on Filmon.TV with 74 million viewers and on the MyFaceMyBody global channel. As well as a local and national media tour across print and digital and featured and promoted on all social media channels.

MyFaceMyBody provides consumers with exciting insight into the aesthetics industry with direct access to a global network of health, fitness and beauty experts. MyFaceMyBody helps brands connect with consumers, through, the MyFaceMyBody Global Aesthetic Awards, the MyFaceMyBody television show and the prestigious ‘Ultimate 100 Global Leaders in Aesthetics’ publication.

For interviews with host Stephen Handisides or any of the expert guests, high res promotional images or more information contact Gina Fink at Savage Public Relations on; or +61 414 383 917.

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10 minute Family Workout

Going on holiday is a lot of fun which normally involves indulging in a lot of eating and drinking and very little time to do much exercise. I have recently returned from a fantastic holiday in Thailand with my family, which I can’t really say was that relaxing with each day consisting of activities and sightseeing with my seven nephews and nieces.

Normally I have half an hour to exercise, shower and be ready for dinner after a long day of sightseeing. If you want to keep fit and feel like you are at least doing some type of workout there are always tools you can use in your fitness routine. I find the more crazy the tools the better and more interesting the workout is. You will normally get a few interesting looks along the way!

Hand Towel Hotel Workout in 10 minutes – Stephen Handisides

I decided since the last video i did on ‘How to get a full body workout using your suitcase‘ went down so well i created workout number two which you can do in your home or in a hotel room when travelling.   Its a great 10 minute workout that works out your core using a combination of sliding and suspension training using only hand and bath towels.  It really does work thanks to the creativeness of my fitness trainer Maurizio Tangari from

Enjoy and let me know how it goes!


Business Man Workout

As you know I do a lot of traveling around the world living out of a suitcase.  I try and stay with friends wherever I go as i find it enjoyable and relaxing after a busy day at work.   However I found my fitness training would come to a halt when I was travelling as i struggled to find places to workout apart from going for the odd run.    I started to explore new options such as elastic banks that were light and I could easily fit in my suitcase.  I have found them ok for resistance training but didn’t really feel I worked up a sweat.   Last month I caught up with good friend,  strength and conditioning expert Maurizio Tangari in San Diego who showed me some very cool unconventional ways to get a full body workout just using my suitcase!   Next day I have to say I was sore and worked up a good sweat during this 20 minute mini circuit!   Hope you enjoy it!

Check out more of Maurizio Tangari’s unconventional ways of exercising and working on your core.

He always posts some pretty cool stuff on instagram also @mauriziotangari_ur